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A History of Excellence
Since 1955, Mascot Pecan Shelling Company has been providing multitudes with the very best in Pecans and Pecan candies.  Mascot Pecan has three distinct characteristics that give us a unique advantage.   First, we have taken great care in designing our package to appeal to an upscale clientele.  Second we use only the highest quality ingredients, which make our products both delicious and unique.  Third by being in the pecan shelling business we can follow the procurement of our most important raw material from the pecan farm to the finished product
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Mascot Pecan Shelling Co.
US Hwy 301 South
Glennville, Ga. 30427
912-654-2618 fax
800-841-3985 orders
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We offer the finest quality pecans and pecan products, including a variety of pecan candies such as chocolate covered pecans, cinnamon glazed, glazed pecans, and pecan caramel clusters.

Pecans are one of nature's most delectable treasures and are the most popular all season nut.

Attractively Packaged, Perfect for Personal or Corporate Gift Giving, Mascot Pecans are a treat for any occasion!

Mascot Pecan Shelling Company offers a variety of our products in bulk as well as fresh shelled pecans.

Please contact us for bulk pricing information

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